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Real Estate Property Advice

Advice on the choice of a real estate so that your investment is channeled in a better way, providing you with a portfolio of options where you can acquire due to your economic possibilities, expectations of return on your investment, needs or desires, whether commercial (local) , offices, offices, etc.) or residential (Houses, apartments, etc.), and thus you will have greater security and certainty that your money will generate higher returns, for the better goodwill of the good acquired and for the amount generated of income or return of the invested

Real Estate Management of Purchase and Sale

Buying and selling is a path that can be easy or very difficult to travel. At BG Luxury Real Estate, we want you to be calm and confident in our ability to achieve a good result. From the valuation of the property, to the estimation of the prices, we will elaborate a marketing strategy tailored to the property, which also implies knowing how to recognize the potential clients or target.

Once the property has been chosen, the next step is the preparation and subsequent review of the contracts and documents required for the proper formalization of the deed, together with the support for the management of the corresponding banking and notarial processes for the registration of the property, In addition to administrative work, such as tax compliance.


We are a real estate company that has the best team of professional experts in the different branches of construction, our work ranges from the elaboration of an architectural project, the development and supervision of the work, to the completion of the construction.

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